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Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility




Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility

Australia & New Zealand Edition

Stuart Mah, the author of Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility, is a top handler, and is a judge for every major agility association in the U.S. His first book (110 pages, illustrated) addresses important course design elements such as spacing, distance, approach angles, and flow. It also features handling challenges such as changes of side, crossing patterns, discrimination tests, and handler restrictions. "Judgeability", safety, show site considerations, course design methods, and course building techniques are included for those aspiring to be judges.

Exhibitors: Learn to understand how the design of a course influences the handling decisions you need to make, as well as how you and your dog actually perform the course.

Instructors: Learn to design sequences for your classes where students are faced with the appropriate level of challenge and gain the maximum amount of learning benefit.

Aspiring Judges: Learn about the elements involved in course design and the effects of combining different elements so that you can create courses that are fun to run, offer the appropriate level of difficulty, and are "doable".

Judges: Finally, a written reference of the principles involved in designing courses for dog agility principles that are the same regardless of whether you are designing courses for ADAA, ANKC, ADAC, AKC®, ASCA®, NADAC, UKC®, or USDAA® Agility.

People Organizing Agility Events: Learn how the show site effects course design, different course building techniques, and also safety issues.

Book is 8-1/2" x 9"H softcover with a spiral binding

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