Susan Garrett’s Success with One Jump DVD


By Susan Garrett
Produced by Clean Run
2 hours, 6 minutes, DVD, NTSC format, © 2006

In Success with One Jump Susan shares many of the training and handling exercises that have contributed to her incredible success in the Agility ring.

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It’s finally here — a video that gives you the tools to improve your skills as a handler, regardless of the size of your backyard! Success with One Jump is a 2 DVD set that gives clear instruction on more than 20 exercises that will help improve your dog’s understanding of the key handling maneuvers in agility, from a simple front cross to a more complex pull-through to distance skills. This video is a must-have for the seasoned competitor and novice handler alike. 2 hours, 6 minutes long, DVD only, NTSC format. © 2006

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