Tunnel Bag Liner


Water bladder bag that fits inside Tunnel Bags has a screw cap – the perfect solution for saving weight or restoring leaky bags

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Extend the life of your existing tunnel bags — use as a replacement leak-proof liner for older tunnel bags that are ripped and leaking sand.
Save fuel and weight and transport empty bags to a trial and fill bags onsite.

20 litre (5.28 gallons) food-grade bladders fit our tunnel bags and also fit other tunnel bags. Just unzip, unscrew the cap and fill the bladder with water to the desired weight. First time users, please watch the Salty Dog Canvas filling instruction video. McWedge tunnel bags weigh 32lb (14.5 kg) or as heavy as one can carry when filled with sand or pea gravel. Completely collapsible, dump the water when storing or for transport. Bladders are ultra tough, heavy duty, durable food storage bags and are warranteed against leaking upon receipt only. If a heavy weight is applied when filled (i.e. human foot) the seams could potentially split and the bladders leak.

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