Advanced Agility Workbook


Written and published by Clean Run Productions

The third book in our highly-acclaimed Agility training series contains progressive exercises and instructional information for an eight-week class designed for dogs and handlers who are preparing for competition. 136 pages.

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The Clean Run Agility Workbook series has received rave reviews from Agility enthusiasts around the country and abroad. In a review of the Advanced Agility Workbook that appeared in Front and Finish, Sandy Mowery says “Now this is a workbook! Anyone out there who is at all interested in improving their handling skills or teaching these skills in a class setting should have this book. It’s hard to imagine a workbook better organized or more inclusive, and it’s also very readable, insightful, and inspiring. This one will make you itch to get you dog out and start practicing these techniques!”

If you’re an Agility instructor, you’ll find tips for running classes, forms for planning obstacle layout and tracking student progress and problems, homework exercises that your students can do without equipment, and training handouts. If you’re an Agility enthusiast training on your own, you’ll find techniques for obstacle training explained from the very first step, problem-solving ideas, and progressive exercises for you to work with your dog.

Each workbook in this series contains progressive exercises and instructional information for an eight-week training program—that’s 24 weeks of instruction! These workbooks are being used as the foundation for Agility training programs around the country, and instructors tell us that students now actually ask for the homework assignments each week!

The third book in the series, the Advanced Agility Workbook (136 pages, illustrated) provides eight weeks of progressively more difficult exercises to ready handlers for competition. The objective of advanced program is to improve the working relationship between dog and handler, and to prepare the agility team for competition. Handlers will continue to be challenged to improve their skills in this sport and keep their dog’s attention.

The book is 8-1/2″ x 11″H softcover with a spiral binding so that it lies flat and pages can be easily copied for class handouts.

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