Dedicated to educating the Dog Agility Enthusiast

AgilityClick is owned and operated by Steve Drinkwater and Cathy Slot.

Agility DVD’s, Books and Training Aids

We specialise in selling Agility books/DVD’s and Agility related products.

Workshops & Seminars

Individual and group training opportunities with Cathy and other invited trainers.

We strongly believe in “quality not quantity”!  This ethos is seen not only through the retail efforts of AgilityClick but in their efforts to promote the sport of Dog Agility.  For every hour they spend working with AgilityClick we give back four hours working as volunteers for non-profit organisations such as the International Federation Cynologique Sports (IFCS), Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) and Agility Dog Club of Queensland Inc (ADCQ).


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