Susan Koldenhof

Susan with prizes           Susan with dog Susan at finish

AgilityClick, in collaboration with Ruredy for Agility, are delighted to be able to bring Susan to Queensland as part of her inaugural visit to Australia.

From Susan
I’m Susan Koldenhof, and I am from the Netherlands. I started with agility around 9 years ago with my first own dog Ace, a brown border collie. And never stopped loving the agility sport ever since. 2 years later I got my crazy monkey Time, my home bred girl from our kennel infinity light. And with – and thanks to her I traveled a lot around the world and discovered a whole new level of agility with winning international cups, qualifying for the Dutch team for EO and AWC years in a row, running EO finals every year, and ending up in top 10 of AWC Large. I love my dogs over everything in this world.

Right now I still run Time – my experienced girl of almost 9 years old, and also my younger girl Sign – who is really something else. In her short career, she took high rankings and prices at competitions like EO, WAO and Slovenian Open – also setting fastest times. I also own a pup imported out of the UK- Intense, who will hopefully be another future star. But for now we’re still working on foundations.

I love to travel, to share my knowledge and vision on agility and dog training with fun and enthusiastic teams all over the world. Being super picky and critical in a motivating way, as I believe that’s needed to become the best team you can be with your dog. My training is built on successes so the dog gets (or keeps his) self-confident and faster.


General Information

  • Session times as listed with workshop information.
  • The organisers and/or instructor may nominate which dogs will work the session or exercise.
  • Handlers working a dog may arrange for workshop co-participants to video sessions when they are working their dog (for their personal use only) but may not video other dogs or Susan lecturing. It is not appropriate for multiple dogs to be recorded on the same video recorder. Please note you may be asked to leave if you do not comply with this request.

Venue:  39 Cooper Road Haigslea QLD 4306 (to be confirmed).  This is an under cover venue on artificial grass.

  • the working area will not be gated off or separately fenced
  • a wading pool will be available and there is a dam available for swimming however dogs must be dry before entering the working area
  • there is a separate under cover area for crating of dogs away from the working area, or they can be under your gazebo
  • this is a rural venue and there is some livestock on the premises (with electric fences), dogs must be under control at all times

Camping/Accommodation: Is not available at the Workshop Venue. Lowood Showgrounds (approx 13 km away) has powered sites.
Food/Drinks: Water, tea and coffee available. All else, including lunches, BYO.  BP Marburg (approx 6 km away) has fast food restaurants.  Fernvale (approx 11 km away) has multiple food options

Handlers with Dogs

  • Handlers with Dogs will be limited.
  • Whilst order of receipt of nominations will be taken into account, working places will not necessarily be allocated on a first come-first served basis.
  • Auditing of the alternate session(s) on your workshop day is included in your package.
  • Those requesting Handler with Dog positions will need to submit payment in full for an Auditing spot. Once a request for Handler with Dog spot is accepted, balance of payment will be required within 48 hours. Payments can be made via direct deposit (preferred) or Paypal.
  • Please note that as these will be very small groups, it will be one dog per handler per session and a dog may only participate in one group per day.


  • For the benefit of those attending, the number of Auditors may be limited.
  • In order to secure your place, payment in full will be required within 48 hours of your registration being accepted. Payments can be made via direct deposit (preferred) or Paypal.

Dogs at the Workshops

  • Please note that dogs may not, at any time, be left tied up. Dogs may be on-lead with their handler, or will be required (preferably) to be crated (or penned/suitably confined), when they are not working.
  • Unless you have received specific permission to do so, additional dog(s) that have not been registered to work the sessions, may not be brought to the workshops.
  • In the interests of all present, dogs that continually bark will need to be removed from the premises.
  • These requirements will be enforced.

Qld Workshops

Advanced/Masters Group – Saturday 28 January 2023 (8.00 am to 12.00 pm)
Advanced/Masters Group (with focus on distance challenges) – Sunday 29 January 2023 (8.00 am to 12.00 pm)

  • Topic Details: Choose one or two days of sequencing, building and testing skills and extending yourself and your dog.
  • Prerequisite for Handlers with Dogs: Dogs must be obstacle proficient, competing in ANKC and/or ADAA competitions. They must be competing at Open and/or Masters level.
  • Working spots: Maximum of 6

Young Dogs and Foundations  – Saturday 28 January 2023 (1.00 pm to 5.00 pm)

  • Topic Details: This will be a session for Susan to work with you on foundations and fundamental skills for young dogs and expand into areas you might not yet have ventured.
  • Prerequisite for Handlers with Dogs: For young dogs just starting (14+ months old).
  • Working spots: Maximum of 6

Running Contacts – Sunday 29 January 2023 (1.00 pm to 5.00 pm)

  • Topic Details: This will be a session for Susan to work with you and your dog on running contact equipment performance.
  • Prerequisite for Handlers with Dogs: For dogs ready to start, or already working on, contact equipment.
  • Working spots: Maximum of 6


Session Handler with Dog ** Auditors
Advanced/Masters (per group) $240-00
Young Dogs and Foundations $240-00
Running Contacts $240-00
1/2 day Auditing $50-00
1 day Auditing (or 2 x 1/2 days) $100-00
2 days Auditing $200-00
  • ** Fee for Handler with Dog session includes Audit of the other session(s) on the same day at no additional charge.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Entry/Participation

Further information

To obtain further information contact
Cathy Slot on 0448 815 135 or by email