Great Dog, Great Handler – The Winning Combination


Great Dog Great Handler, The Winning Combination DVD
By Greg Derrett

If you need a system that will help you and your dog maximize your potential and become a winning team, this is the DVD for you! Great Dog Great Handler, The Winning Combination is the third DVD in the Greg Derrett series and builds on Agility Foundation Training and its sequel, Great Dog, Shame about the Handler, which have both been hugely successful. This third DVD covers Greg’s internationally renowned handling system in detail, following on from the basic rules of the system shown in Great Dog Shame about the Handler.

Produced by GT Agility
1 hour 40 minutes, DVD, NTSC format, © 2007

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In Great Dog Great Handler, The Winning Combination Greg goes into far more depth regarding the reasons and theory behind his system. He provides clear and precise rules to enable handlers to understand each handling maneuver, including the where, how, and why of applying each maneuver. Great Dog Great Handler, The Winning Combination also includes advanced training drills to improve your dog’s understanding and his speed and turning ability, detailed instructions on improving your footwork, slow-motion shots to show precise timing of maneuvers, and an explanation of handling mistakes. The DVD is accompanied by a booklet containing all the exercises that you can use as a quick reference.

About the Author
Greg Derrett who has been incredibly successful in the agility world and has attained an Advanced Studies Diploma in Animal Behavior. His proven methods of training and handling are based on clearly defined principle and have kept him at the top of British agility since the early 1990s. He is the two-time winner of the British Agility Dog of the Year award among many other accomplishments. This success has also been replicated by his clients who have competed at the national and international level

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